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1. You accept that distributing/downloading Music Files is illegal unless you do so for previewing purposes and you intend to delete Music Files after previewing. 2. You cannot post a link to a music file that you know is not posted by the artist, record label, a music blogger or other third party for promotional or other legal uses 3. You agree that you will use Music Files only for your own personal non-commercial use and you will not use these Music Files for broadcasting. 4. You agree that you will delete Music Files after previewing and buy the song or album if you liked it. 5. You agree not to assign, copy, transfer, share or transmit Music Files to any third party. 6. You agree not to share Music Files on P2P(peer-to-peer) services like eMule, Limewire etc. 7. You agree not to use or exploit Music Files except as expressly permitted herein. 8. You agree not to defeat, evade or circumvent any system designed to protect Music Files from unauthorized uses. 9. DVS music reserves the right to remove Music Files from its search results for any cause that it deems sufficient.

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